With the continuing work going into Shadows of Darkness 2 and spin off novel, I decided to take some extra time and work on some short stories for anyone that has subscribed to my website. This should help provide some short bursts of entertainment in between the novel releases. These are meant to give glimpses into certain character's lives within the tribulation period and help build this apocalyptic world. The first short story will be released next month as a celebration of 2021. I'm working on a couple more that will be released sometime down the road. This first short story is titled James Janis, and it takes place a little more than two years prior to the first Shadows of Darkness. Can't wait to share this story with all of you.

I am going to do something for everyone that has subscribed in regards to the next short story. If you are caught up with the first novel, you can provide feedback on which characters you would like to to get a short story. Based on the type of feedback I receive, I will take the information to write and release the short story. In order to possibly have you idea for the next short story email me at or leave a comment through my website to offer your ideas.

To support the future of this series, please subscribe to receive more gifts like this in the future. Please also spread the word about Shadows of Darkness with friends and family and leave a review on Amazon.

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