A tease of what is to come!

With the recent release of Shadows of Darkness, the series has been off to a great start. But this also means that there is a long road of work ahead in order to deliver the continuing journey for the characters.

In this short blog, I will offer a couple of small hints and teases when it comes to the sequel to Shadows of Darkness. As of now, the title is going to be Shadows of Darkness (.... of .....). To give a hint at where to locate the title that was blanked out, look no further than the final two chapters of Shadows of Darkness to discover the secret.

Another hint in regards to the next novel coming in 2021 is that this novel is already looking to be longer in length than the first novel. The story will also be a bit darker in tone than the first as our characters are now well into the Great Tribulation (or 2nd half of the tribulation period). James Janis will be forced to deal with new challenges now that he is a part of the newly formed coalition, rather than a lone survivor. The Federation will remain the main enemy force in this sequel, more determined to fully complete their takeover of the world.

When it comes to the spin off book coming next year after the sequel, all I can say for right now is that it is going well and is still in the early stages of the writing process. I will give more details once we near the end of this year.

More information will be on the way regarding my next projects. Thank you for the support and continue to spread the word about the Shadows of Darkness novel.

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