Announcement: Summer 2020 Debut Novel

Survive and find purpose in a collapsing world under Federation tyranny.

I first received the idea to create a story that involved the Tribulation (or Apocalypse) period foretold thousands of years under in the Bible. After almost a year of planning and praying. Around three and a half years of writing and editing, my novel is ready to be published and released to the world. It has been a very interesting ride, trying to make hopes and dreams become a reality. After years of waiting and hard work, it is finally time to begin revealing information surrounding my debut novel. To start things off, the title of this apocalyptic novel is Shadows of Darkness.

The past few years involved multiple drafts and rewrites to at last come up with an apocalyptic, action-pack thriller that is engaging and emotional.

Here is the synopsis of Shadows of Darkness:

The globe is in the middle of the apocalypse era with a large percentage of the population and wildlife wiped out. Humanity might be on the verge of destruction. Now with the Tyrannical Global Federation reaching full power, it has taken the place of previous international governments. They purge the globe of anyone who opposes them in the name of preserving what is left of humanity and establish a dark and demonic driven empire. A hunted fugitive and freedom fighter, James Janis, journeys across the world to find his purpose by attempting to help as many innocent lives from this tyrannical regime. He stumbles upon a resistance faction that is putting together a grand operation which will save thousands of innocent civilians from the hands of anti-Christ. With lives at stake, can James alongside some newly-formed allies within the resistance faction, to pull off such an operation? Fulfill an ancient biblical prophecy foretold thousands of years ago? Or will they face total defeat by the Federation with the sole purpose of bringing down this faction and driving this old prophecy into extinction?

I am excited to announce that my first novel will launch sometime in early Summer of 2020. It is a true blessing to be able to become a published faith-based author, and also just as exciting to bring a compelling story into the Christian genre.

It is still early in the publishing process, which means that more details about the novel will be announced as the release time gets closer. These details include the Novel's Title, Summary, Cover Design, Release Date, and so much more.

I will continue to post additional information surrounding the novel here and my social media platforms. In the meantime, I added an image below that gives a hint of what setting and genre this new Christian story will take place in.


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