IT's finally time for reveal the cover design of Shadows of Darkness: Remnants of Resistance. Without any further waiting, HERE IS THE FULL BOOK TRAILER!

I would like to thank my Cover designer, Damonza, for helping me make this great looking cover become a reality. So also today, I am happy to announce that this novel will be releasing AUGUST, 18TH, 2021. And yes, PRE-ORDERS are now available. You can also enter the pre-order giveaway right down below where you will get a few prizes prior to the novel's launch. You will get a prize for just entering the giveaway. I will be selecting a few winners withing the next week or so.

I will be releasing excerpts of my upcoming novel, leading up to the official release date. Stay tuned for more news and giveaway announcements. Share with others about the series to help support the future of Shadows of Darkness!


Jonah S White

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