FIRST 5 CHAPTERS SNEAK PEAK (Remnant of Resistance)

Next week is the week when the second installment of the Shadows of Darkness releases to the world. There have been many trails and struggles when it has come to the pre-production of the novel, which is why I have been very silent the last few weeks. I did not want to say anything when things were so uncertain with the release of the novel, but everything is all set for next week. As a gift to everyone both subscribed and un-subscribed, here is free access to the first five chapters of Remnants of Resistance. These are some long chapters, but don't worry, there is pretty more story to tell after the fifth chapter. So enjoy the free look into the novel before its release. If you haven't already pre-ordered the novel, feel free to use this teaser as a way to see if this is a story you would like to dive more into. Here is the pre-order link to Remnants of Resistance.

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As I have stated before, this novel will be following James Janis, as well as a few familiar characters in addition to some new ones. If you were wondering the setting of this novel (what countries it takes place in), the novel will be set in the Middle East. Although it is set in the Middle East, we will be in different parts of this large area. The stakes are much higher this time around for our struggling fugitives of the anti-christ and his demonic Global Federation.

Before I end this blog, here are some fun facts about Remnants of Resistance.

1) The novel is about 100 pages longer than the first novel

2) Something of James Janis' past will be revealed in this novel, what it is, you need to read the full novel to find out.

3) The mark of the beast is now a thing in this universe considering that our characters are in the Great Tribulation now. So, blending in with the loyal population is going to pose challenges.

4) Our characters find out something horrifying about the newly updated BIC (Biological Identification Chip) implant. Something truly scary. FYI, The BIC has been around in this universe for years while continuously getting updated and revamped. Now it has received an update recently that makes it ever more scary to have.

5) This book takes place eight months after the events of the first book and six months after the events of the epilogue of the first novel.

That's all for now. Enjoy the free chapters. Feel free to pre-order Remnants of Resistance and help spread the word about this series to help support this series. The launch of the first novel was a success, but I would love to increase that success as the series goes on. You support helps makes this series possible.

REMEMBER, in troubling times: SURVIVE & ENDURE UNTIL the END!

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