As the release of Shadows of Darkness approaches quickly, it is once again time to provide additional details about the novel and it story. At the end of this blog will be a small announcement!!

As stated many times before, Shadows of Darkness will take place within the apocalypse era, or better known to many as the tribulation period. During the planning of the novel's timeline, it took some time to finalize the proper place and time for this story to begin. This story will take place close to the midpoint of the tribulation, just before the great tribulation period. The reason for this is that many end time novel I have read in the past (ones of which I enjoyed) take place before the tribulation begins. I wanted to take a different approach in order to make it work for what the story is about. Plus, I felt that it would have been really difficult to try and write a story surrounding the transition into the tribulation. Since I did not and still do not know what events will kick start this horrible period, nor do I know how it will happen. That is why I decided to place the story within this era in order have a bit more freedom to where the plot can do and go.

Shadows of Darkness will be a more person narrative, mainly following the journey of the main protagonist, James Janis. The novel will also show the pov of several other characters who will expand on the story. This means that the plot will focus more on the main character and his personal story rather than a story about the tribulation and how I believe it will unfold. There are a couple of reasons for this choice. One is that this story is by no means supposed to be a representation of how I believe or think the tribulation will play out. This is only a piece of fiction and strongly believe that the bible and prayer are the best sources to find this out. Shadows of Darkness provides a story about someone who is trying to survive and find purpose within this dark period.

When it comes to the main character, James Janis is already a Christian at a beginning of the story. His journey through the plot will require him to grow and learn both internally and externally. James has some personal goals to help as many innocent civilians from the Global Federation. But like other main characters, James is a flawed character that must learn to grow as a protagonist. The goals in of itself is great but what is truly motivating James. Of course, one of James' goals in the story is to survive the tribulation period, but when writing this novel, this was a good motivation but not enough to drive this entire story. Surviving works well as a passive goal, meaning this should be an automatic. For one, everyone across the globe is doing this as well with some doing so in different ways. In a collapsing world in the apocalypse, there are many people trying to survive this period which makes James story a dime a dozen if his only motivation is to survive for as long as he can. With that in mind, James needed to have a primary goal and motivation for the story. There needed to be a reason to justify why the novel follows James in particular. James is trying to protect innocent lives as well as trying to find his place and purpose within all of this. He comes from a life where he has lost almost everything and is now a fugitive of the Federation. He wants to have a positive impact, where his life can actually matter. To avoid any plot related spoilers, I will end it there and let the novel explain the rest when it comes out next month. The novel will also show the point of view of the antagonists as well. This is to offer additional context to the plot but also to show what motivates some of the people within the Federation ranks.

Speaking of the main threat of the story, Here are a couple of small non-spoiler details about Global Federation. This new government establishment is on the verge of total global domination, wiping out what is left of any faction that stand against them. The Federation has a very powerful military force, the United World Army (or UWA). The UWA has just about every last soldier genetically engineered to be stronger, faster, etc. Almost forty to fifty percent of their military units consist of AI technology, with AI soldiers, drones, unmanned air and ground vehicles.

James will join up with mainly religious (Christ-based) resistance which has been working for a while to stage a large military-type operation to help many civilians flee the wrath of the Federation once the Midpoint of the tribulation begins. This is supposed to to fulfill a biblical prophecy foretelling a second exodus. A hint at what prophecy this is referencing, Matthew 24:15-18.

Next Week I will be announcing the release date of Shadows of Darkness as well as where you can purchase or pre-order the copy. I also have a special announcement to make as well next week. One that you would not want to miss. I cannot wait to share this novel with everyone.

The image used is an early draft of my novel's cover which is being used as a marketing image.

Best Regards,

Jonah S White

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