In a few hours, you you have the chance to dive into the darker narrative of Remnants of Resistance. The GREAT tribulation is in full swing now with the mark of allegiance is now a thing since the events of the first novel. As a little teaser until your copy of the book comes, hopefully, here is another teaser sneak peak from the novel.

Remnants of Resistance Release Day Sneak Peak
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I hope that you enjoy this teaser from later in the novel's plot line. I have been awaiting this day for a long time and can't wait to continue this series and expand the universe with short stories and maybe episode like kindle books as well as more novels in the future.

if you haven't already, please feel free to read the first five chapters of the novel as well.

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1) Buy the novel and leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

2) Share and tell friends, family, church members, and social network about the Shadows of Darkness series where more will be able to experience this exciting journey through the apocalypse era.

3) Word of mouth goes a long way.

I would like to thank all of my subscribers for the support and the encouragement to continue with this series. May God bless you and hope you enjoy this second novel. We are living in dark times. Survive & Endure until the end.

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