Three weeks ago we saw the launch of Shadows of Darkness (book 1) following the journey of James Janis though the dark apocalyptic period known as the tribulation. All thanks goes out to those who supported and enjoyed the novel, hoping for the future of the Shadows of Darkness series to go just as well if not better!

Now with the first book in the Shadows of Darkness series released, it is now time to focus on the future and the road ahead. So I am happy to announce that I have already worked on the second novel in the series. The title of that novel will soon be revealed. For a hint at when this novel will be available to the public, I can say that 2021 will see the release of this continuation of James Janis as well as returning and new characters that will expand the world of the series.

Another thing I would like to announce is that along side the main series books (Shadows of Darkness) I am also in the process of writing up a couple of spin offs where different characters take the front row of the story. These could be side characters from Shadows of Darkness getting their own story, or entirely brand new characters will give a different and broader sense of this apocalyptic world under the tyranny of the Federation. The first spin off novel will also be coming in 2021.

I am happy to continue with this expanding series and am working hard to bring fun and compelling stories to the readers. I will continue to post updates and others post on this site. If you would like to support the continuation of this series, please leave a review and rating on Amazon and goodreads. Tell a friend, family member, or church members about Shadows of Darkness by Jonah S. White. Additional exposure and support is appreciated.

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