Welcome to the official reveal of the sequel to Shadows of Darkness book 2. I present Shadows of Darkness (Remnant of Resistance). Fun fact, this subtitle was teased in the very last chapter of the first novel. I may do this further in the future, where upcoming novel titles are teased at the end of the book.

You also can see the official back cover blurb right below and in the second image posted.

The Shadows of Darkness story continues!

Darkness is unchecked and unrestrained

Eight months following Operation Latter Exodus, James Janis continues to fight under the developing Underground Coalition. He and a couple of friendly operatives are tasked with a mission that is vital for the Coalition’s survival against the tyrannical Global Federation and great tribulation period. The mission goes entirely wrong and becomes a survival behind enemy lines scenario, where threats of danger lurk at every turn.

James greatly struggles with loss and the harsh reality that innocents suffer while the Federation goes unpunished. The remnants of Resistance are diminishing while ultimate evil is prevailing. James must learn to survive this dark period both physically, mentally, and spiritually as times become more challenging.

Meanwhile, the Global Federation is launching a full assault against one remaining cultural stronghold to completely dominate the globe.

Survive and Endure till the end.


So there is what the novel is going to be centered around. I will drop more info about the novel very soon. If things go according to plans, the novel should still be ready for release this summer. whether it is before the year anniversary of the first novel, that is still in the air right now. What I can say is that the manuscript is with my editor right now, so everything in regards to the release date announcement will take place in May when I have a clear idea on when the book can be released.

I can't wait for everyone to experience this second novel in the Shadows of Darkness Series. I will be back with more updates and surprises as well as something special for the anniversary of the first novel. I am currently in some very early stages of writing up the next short story. I will be back next week with another major announcement for the Shadows of Darkness series!

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