Upcoming (SOD) novel announcements!!

Major updates and Announcements begin next week on both my social accounts but mainly at my author site. This month, there are going to be quite a bit of news surrounding the novel. It has been a while since the initial announcement back in April of Shadows of Darkness and the publication. Due to a few reasons - not surrounding the book's publishing process - most of the news was slightly delayed. But when it comes to the novel's release schedule, everything is still in motion and on track to release later this summer.


So starting next week, I will be revealing some of the backstory and process of the creation of Shadows of Darkness, showing how I received the idea to write this story through the few years of writing to reach this point. After which, the book cover will be revealed after a while of collaboration work and perfection. Additional details providing knowledge about the actual story about Shadows of Darkness will shortly follow, which will go a bit deeper than the Novel's back cover synopsis.

In July, I will be announcing a request for ARC reviewers.

I will soon reveal pieces of information and news about Shadows of Darkness almost weekly, as well as blogs detailing what I have learned throughout the last several years when it comes to storytelling and crafting novels. This is a way I can share what I had learned with others.

Can't wait to share more information and with all of you next week!!

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